The Green Woman – Darcy Swope

Darcy Swope Profile

As a Teacher

Darcy M. Swope is an artist and art educator with 31 years of fulfilling teaching experiences in independent schools. She developed and implemented private art programs for Alzheimer’s patients, special education students, adult-child teams and hospitalized youth. Swope holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Fine Arts, an M.A. in Art Education and is a registered art therapist. In 1994 Darcy was the recipient of the National Art Education Association’s award for “Most Creative Art Teacher in the U.S.” In 2007 she earned National Board Certification as an art teacher. She is on the Artists Roster of the VA State Commission for the Arts. Darcy is teaching a college course in Art Education at Sheperd University in the Fall 2010

Fish by Darcy Swope

As an Artist

Darcy Swope’s artistic style is expressive, free-flowing, imaginary and vivid in color. Trained as a printmaker, her other interests include decorative furniture painting and creating collages from found and recycled objects. Darcy’s art and teaching style reflect her unique, creative spirit.


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